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What is in the Deluxe Edition that is not in the Standard edition?

Love this game Made a gameplay of it.


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The art was great and all, but it wasn't really my cup of tea, so to say. Would it be possible to get a refund? Sorry for the request, thanks for your hard job ^^

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I hope you and your team can be healthy.To finish this interesting game.


Happy Lunar New Year!

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What's  the difference between the standard  and the deluxe version?


Deluxe version contains extra CG scenes requested by our Kickstarter backers. While standard edition does not.


We are now fully funded on Kickstarter, and we've reached multiple stretch goals as well! Check out our Kickstarter page to learn more.


As soon I get the time I would make a Gameplay of this demo, but since it's 18+, I can't put it on youtube. So it will be on my homepage and I may gonna use Xtube for the gameplay as I did with Loca-Love, My Cute Roommate.