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I would happily get this if it were available on Mac.


Usagi Health Club is now released on!

Final 72 hours on Kickstarter!


Having now played the demo, rather then just ranting off the bat...
Well, the artstyle is rather pleasing. The writing is alright, though some grammar errors here and there.
The mini-games work just fine, so nothing wrong on that front.

Overall, not bad. It's tough to really judge though, not a lot of content yet, and not sure if a gameplay loop of just playing various mini games until you win enough to get an H-scene is good or not. Maybe it'll depend on how the VIP stuff works?

I also learned something about health from Minori's scene.

Dang, I see mini-games like blackjack or poker, and see dice and get interested... but looking at it, its probably just to make and earn money. Not some kind of strip mini-game...